Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nap Nanny Infant Recliner - Safari Giraffe

!±8±Nap Nanny Infant Recliner - Safari Giraffe

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The Nap Nanny is a groundbreaking new product designed by a mother to improve infant sleep.The Nap Nanny is made with a durable and incredibly comfortable high-density polyurethane foam that mimmics the contours of a car seat, the comfort of a baby blanket, and the stabilty of a mattress- allowing infants to rest peacefully.Proven ResultsIn a recent Survey of 3,000 current Nap Nanny customers, over 80% that pruchased the Nap Nanny to increse sleep duration reportd that their infant slept at least 1 hour longer in the Nap Nanny and 65% reported an increase if 3 hours or more.Comfort Nap Nanny elevates baby 30 degrees, which is recomemended by doctors for babies with refluxcoliccolds and stuffinessgasear infectionsSecurityth patented foam design cradles an infant while the safety harness holds baby securely in plac.Fashionable LookCheck out Nap Nanny's full line of minky-dot and New Fashion Covers, sure to compliment any nursery. Medical BenifitsInterest from the medical community has been high, with almost daily requests from health care professionals for moore information about the Nap Nanny. The Nap nanny is currently the focus of a clinical trial in the NICU of a prominent Philadelphia area hospital.Portability Weighing only 3 pounds, the Na[p Nanny travels well and stores easily.DurabilityThe waterproof, washable cover protects foam for greater longevity.Extended UseThe Nap Nanny is ideal for bottle feeding, playtime or any other time baby needs a comfortable place to rest. And it's not just for infants. The Nap Nanny offers toddlers a place to relax, watch television or even sleep under the watchful eye of an adult. There is no top-end weight limit. Achild will outgrow the Nap Nanny in lenght before they outgrow it in weight.

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