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How to Register For a Baby

!±8± How to Register For a Baby

Registering for a baby can be confusing and overwhelming. However, if you keep it simple and come armed with an organized list of items you need and want, the process can go much faster.

Babies need a lot of things, but not all at once and not when they are first born.

I always recommend checking out other people's registries to get ideas before you go. If you see repeat items on registries, it's safe to assume they are popular for a reason.

Bring the hubby along. He'll have fun with the registering gun.


The following are items you need and/or I found helpful to have when bringing baby home.

Burp Cloths and Bibs - And lots of them. Let friends buy the cute fancy ones, but make sure to stock up on the cloth diaper variety of burp cloths.

Receiving Blankets - These are always a must have and totally necessary if your baby is born in the colder months.

Bodysuits/Undershirts - You'll put these underneath all of baby's clothes so get a bunch. Get both long and short sleeve. Also, make sure to snag some of the button-up shirts your baby will wear at the hospital. They are great for when baby's cord hasn't fallen off yet and you want to keep clothing items loose.

Bottles - I breastfed for six weeks, but I formula fed at the same time, so we needed bottles right away. We started off with three of the five ounce bottles and now use four of the nine ounce bottles. You might want a few more than that, but I don't like clutter and don't mind washing them every day. If you have dogs, buy a bunch of nipples because they will get them, chew them and ruin them. Same for pacifiers.

Breast Pumps - If you are going to breastfeed, you'll want a pump. I rented mine from the hospital, which saved me money because breast pumps are not cheap. With the rental I got a package of brand new sterilized accessories. If you are in it for the long term, get a pump that has a hands-free bra. You'll appreciate having your hands available to do other things while pumping.

Infant Car Seat - You absolutely need a car seat. The hospital won't let you leave unless you have one. Don't bother bringing it when you check in. It will just take up space in your room. Your husband can bring it in five minutes before you are set to leave. Just make sure he leaves the base in the car.

Swaddles and Sleepsacks - Get a bunch of these. Your baby will sleep for a few months swaddled, so you'll want to have a few different fabrics depending on the season.

Monitor - There are many options on the market including video monitors.

First Aid Kit - Make sure it has it all brush, comb, scissors, nail clipper, fingertip toothbrush, emery boards, nasal aspirator, thermometer, medicine dropper, etc. Also have some Little Noses, baby Tylenol, baby Aquaphor and Desitin on hand.

Diaper Pail - Your baby will be pooping right away so you'll need a place to put those stinky diapers.

Wash Cloths and Towels - Even though your baby won't get a real bath until their cord falls out, you'll still want to sponge them down every few days. You can hold off on the tub until the cord falls out.

Boppy - This pillow is great for breastfeeding and for baby's tummy time.

Swing/Bouncy Seat - This piece of equipment will keep your little one happy and keep you hands-free.

Of course you'll also need a crib or a bassinet, stroller, dresser/changing table, bedding, glider and other larger furniture items as you see fit.


You don't have to go stocking up on these items before baby is born. You can get a ton of this stuff from the hospital. Be sure to bring an extra empty bag to the hospital and take as much of these items as you can.

Once you know the kind of diapers your baby will be using, is a great place to get diapers in bulk for less money. Costco is a great place to buy wipes and formula.


These are items I found unnecessary or was told no to get by professionals and other moms.

Bottle Warmer - Waste of counter space. You can always run cold breast milk under a hot faucet to warm it up, or use warmer tap water for mixing formula.

Wipes Warmer - You know you love your baby's tushy, but a warm wipe isn't necessary.

Car Sun Shade - This is actually a driving hazard. You shouldn't have anything in the backseat except the baby in the infant carrier.

Car Mirror - Driving hazard again. You'll be watching your baby the whole time instead of watching the road. Eventually your baby will realize you can see them and start whining for you. Better to leave them to their own devices and learn some independence.

Sleep Positioner - The packaging tells you that it helps prevents SIDS, but there isn't any science to back this up. Plus you're not supposed to have anything in the crib - this includes a sleep positioner.


These are items you can put on your registry, but don't need right away.

Stroller Blanket - I registered for a few personalized items including a stroller blanket.

Bath Time Products - The hospital will give you some samples, but it's nice to put a gift basket on your registry.

Baby Carrier - My Aunt got me a very cool sling that comes in handy. They can be expensive, so let someone else buy one for you.

Pack N Play - We actually needed this item right away, as my daughter's crib hadn't arrived by the time she had.

Mobile - I waited a bit too long to get one because my daughter really enjoys watching the mobile go round. Get one that is battery operated. Ours cranks and it stops playing after a minute.

You'll get a ton of clothes, books and toys as gifts too. Most people will go off registry for those items. If there is something specific you want, be sure to put it on your registry.


These are items that you'll need once baby gets bigger. It never hurts to have them on your registry. Plus most big baby stores offer a completion program where you receive a discount on any items left on your registry.

Toddler Car Seat - Convertible car seats are nice because they are both rear and front facing. This means that a baby that has outgrown the infant carrier can still go in a larger car seat that is rear facing.

Bumbo - Your baby won't be able to sit in this nifty chair until they can hold their heads up and straight. But once they can, this little seat is great and can be used as a feeding chair when the time comes.

High Chair - You won't need this until it's time to start having solid food. You can save yourself some space and hold off on this item.

Cups, Plates, Utensils - You certainly won't need these items until your baby is eating solids.

Registering can be daunting, but take a deep breath and go in with a calm and positive attitude. Bring snacks too, it can take a while.

How to Register For a Baby

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